Commercial Pest Control

A pest problem in the commercial sector is unacceptable. The management of these facilities have a zero-tolerance policy and expect complete customer satisfaction. Let our experts at Stone’s Pest Services, LLC help you control these bugs. That’s why at Stone’s Pest Services, LLC our technicians are IPM certified. What is IPM? It is an Integrated Pest Management program designed to eliminate or drastically reduces the need to respond to pests with pesticides and help ensure a healthier workplace.

IPM is a program based on long term prevention by applying methods like identifying the correct pest, monitoring, record keeping, exclusion programs, eliminating conducive conditions, (water, trash, vegetation, and lighting) and other methods to reduce the use of pesticides. Identification of pest species and life stage are at the core of any IPM plan. Identification allows us to address the problem areas for you unique situation and the development of a species-specific treatment program. IPM strategies are successfully being implemented at schools, government facilities, daycare’s, hospitals, and warehouses nationwide. Decreased use of chemical application will reduce the health risks to your staff members and customers.

Our goal is to insure your business will remain pest free year round. Pest Management takes a seek and find approach to thoroughly inspect each facility and discuss what problems you are having before an action plan is formed and set in motion. With customer cooperation and a custom IPM program design to fit your business we can provide you with a pest free environment.

Stone’s Pest Services offers customizable monthly, Bi monthly, Quarterly, Bi annual services that fit your needs and schedule. Give us a call for a free pest evaluation today!