Mosquito Control

Our mosquito program runs from April-Sept, with October being an optional month depending on the temperatures. We have seasonal packages or 1 time treatments. We offer two types of treatments. Monthly treatments for homes with high pressure areas and bi-monthly treatments for preventative maintenance.

We focus on the elimination of water sources around the structure. This can be accomplished by simply removing the water (birdbath, kiddie pool, flower pot, etc) or by treating the fixed water source (ponds, continued condensation from HVAC units, irrigation systems). We treat fixed water sources with a larvicide. This specifically affects the larvae and prevents them from maturing.

The elimination/control of water sources is critical in a successful mosquito program. After all water sources have been identified and treated, we apply an insecticide to the property to control the adults. This is accomplished by using a backpack blower and/or hose sprayer misting all resting areas for mosquitoes. We are conscious to avoid edible plants and blooming flowers (avoid harming honey bees). Our monthly treatments have a 30 day residual and the Bi-Monthly is applied at a slightly higher percentage and lasts up to 60 days.